Should I do this? If people lie and use you, should I tell the truth to everyone involved?

this girl and i started texting early January, progressively she opened up to me and told me she was in a bad relationship with an abusive psychopathic inidividual. To make matters worse she is pregnant from him. I picked her up about 2 weeks ago. Dropped of her stuff at her moms home, took her dog to a shelter because she couldnt keep it. All day she stayed with me, we ended up kissing and having sex in my car. Our conversations contained a lot of sexual talk so it was prone to happen.

the days after he started terrorizing her, stalking her, etc... I have seen her fear but she never called the police even after he made deat treats to her. She even contemplates going back. When i asked her to at least acknowledge my feelings for her, since she was different, cold, distant she said, why should i acknowledge your feelings. Basically saying she used me.

God will punish her i know he will. But i want to give her a taste of her own medicine, since she likes abusive controlling individuals. I have all our texts , even the topless pic she send me, i think he will probably not like to read all that stuff, or when i tell him how i was there at her place when he dropped by, how scared she was. Im going to make 2 demands, 1. She doesn't go back to him, or he gets to read everything. 2. she pays back my 55 euro , costs i paid to transfer her dog to a new better place.

Im so pissed off right now, im actually a good person and when i look at that guy, god i just want to...


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  • Personally, I'm not a vindictive person so I'd never go out of my way to seek revenge on anyone.

    The most powerful response is your silence. I'd just cut all lines of communication so you don't prolong your hurt. No good will come from telling people about her. Most people who know her well , will have an idea of what she is like. Those who don't know her that well will learn the hard way. If you tell them they may not believe you and it'll only make your behaviour appear unreasonable to them. Like they say " the messenger is always shot". Let it go and move on.

    • you are right, and if i do this it would make me no better then her, however i do feel like doing this. You dont use good people for your own advantage, i dont even think she cares i stopped writing. Too many times i have been hurt by people without taking revenge and they just moved on while i was left behind. I hate this world, its full of selfish ego centric people. I dont know what her response will be like, maybe she flips out but well she has no controll here. If i send that guy those texts, he will get very pissed off. not just at her but also at me, im not scared of him, i would love to see him somewhere deserted so i can finish him off, but its about her, i want her to pay, i want her to feel the way i felt,

    • I'm sorry. I can relate to how you feel. Being used and taken advantage of is painful , and it's an emotional challenge to get through it.

      We all deal with pain in different ways , so in the end you have to deal with it your own way... whatever eases you pain.

      There's lots of people who have disregard for other people's feelings , in my opinion they aren't worth the effort and time it takes to pursue revenge. I hope you find a way to deal with your hurt.

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