How to know ifa girl is starting to reciprocate your love?

me and this girl have been in a way dating for a month, i told her that i like her and she feels that we should be friends first but she didn't reject me. after my confession we hang out more often and i could feel like she likes me too. but i am not really sure.

she ask me for my help, like carrying a bag of her friends even though it wasn't really heavy because there's barely any books in it, we walked for a while till she reach her classroom.

the moment when she saw me coincendentally , she smiled and wave at me.

she does flirt a little.

she is comfortable with going out with me alone. (i guess its considered dating)

she seems like she likes the gift i made for her.


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  • Give give her some time and then you can bring up the conversation again. If she really does like you she will be ready to be with you soon and you'll know then. A girl who likes a guy won't look for excuses to not be with him so just remember that.


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  • You can never really be sure. Girls have the exact same problem when they fall for a guy, so the only way to go about it is ask her how she feels about you, and if she feels the same way as you, tell her how you feel. But also prepare yourself for a less than desired answer. But always hope for the best.


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  • You've already lost.