Girls mature question help?

I was dating a girl. We had problems and broke up. She had broken up with me and started dating. I did the same except i dated a girl she didn't like. We then got back and talked about what have we been doing. She told me she dated but nothing serious. I told her i dated/slept with the girl she didn't like. We fought and we broke up again.

I tried adding her on insta/fb and both she blocked me/deleted me. I just want to know what will make a girl do this? as in is she pissed/broken hearted etc. She cares enough to do these things so something is gotta be up. I on the other hand i am mature enough to move on and still respect her. She honestly said she didn't care that i slept with another girl so i don't think she's pissed over that unless she's lying.


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  • Of course she's heartbroken, hurt as well as pissed. She might have expected better from you and the way you keep highlighting 'the girl she didn't like' it's quite obvious you dated and slept with her just to hurt your girlfriend while she thought you cared about her.

  • There are a few girls that were really mean to me and if I was dating a guy who had sex with one of them, that might do it for me. She's still disappointed about the whole thing.


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