Is it weird to wear a cologne you know a girl you're into likes?

I feel this chick we kissed and everything already but I still want to impress her. we aren't dating or anything like that yet. My question is...we were chilling in my truck and she seen that I have my cologne in there because I'm always on the go. So she picked it up to smell it and she was like "it smells pretty good but I love (some type of cologne) so much..I love it so much I would probably wear it" just joking around...well would it be weird to go buy some if I like the smell too and wear it? Would that be deprecate? I just don't wanna creep her out. you feel me lol


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  • I don't think it would be creepy since she told you in person, but I don't think you need to switch. This is just me personally (but ask any girl who steals her boyfriend's clothes) when I'm really into a guy, I get blissed out on his scent no matter what it is. I love adidas for men, but I've never dated a guy who wore it. Some of my boyfriends have worn cologne, some haven't, but they've all had a smell I'd know anywhere. My advice is not to change your cologne, she already likes you. If you guys end up dating and she wants you to switch, she'll give you different cologne as a gift to subtly suggest it. Otherwise, stick with what you have!

    • I was gunna give my answer, but this one is wayy better, lol.

      I agree 110%! (:

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  • Wear very little if any. And don't bring up the fact that you are wearing it.

    In spite of what women will tell you, if you think something is going to come off creepy DONT do it.

    Because chances are it will for sure.

    Women are very very VERY sensitive when it comes to guys being creepy. Besides doing that is following her lead, and you are not leading her so even if she doesn't get creeped out, you would be better off buying a different cologne that smells the exact opposite.

    Or tell her you hate that smell.

    Women give terrible advice and here's why:


    • Read your link and I'm wondering if you have met many women or are simply going off stereotypes society seems to perpetrate. "Women can't be leaders, they're easily swayed by peer pressure and always agree with each other" Not always true by a long shot!...See you go on and on about how women can't tell guys what they want, well, what makes you think YOU know then? I'd say getting advice from men is just as hopeless as getting it from women if you believe your rather narrow-minded article.

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    • To answer your second question:

      Men are going to be better at answering questions about how to date, even if they have only been with one single girl their whole life. Compared to a woman that's 1 more than she will ever have. Unless of course she's a lesbian. But even then logic is not their forte because underneath those overalls she's still a woman. Men have a little bit more experience what it feels like to be a man talking to a woman.

    • And look, who is the one who decides where to go on dates? Men. Who is the one who orchestrates the entire date? Men. Who is it that leads the conversations, directs the entire interaction from the time they pick you up, till the time he's ready to kiss you? Men. Men act, women re-act. And you wouldn't want it any other way. And because of this, men are going to have way more experience in how to date than someone who sits there and waits for something to happen to them.

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