Do easy girls really get more attention than pretty girls?

I've been wondering if girls who are easy are more sought after just for the fact that they put out. Whilst very pretty girls who make men wait a little longer get put on the back burner, is this true? I ask cause I met this girl average looking but very easy, and she gets a lot of male attention it seems, texts all the time etc, while another very pretty girl I met who seems like a challenge does not.

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  • You might find this interesting


    n = > 14,000

    Mean age = 21.5 years

    To measure attractiveness, subjects were rated from 1 (very unattractive) to 5 (very attractive). In addition, BMI was accounted for, using the following metric:

    <18.5: Underweight

    19-24: Normal weight

    25-30: Overweight

    30+: Obese



    1. For women, the number of sexual partners decreases with increasing physical attractiveness.

    2. Very physically attractive women are more likely to form exclusive relationships than to form purely sexual relationships.

    3. Attractive women are less likely to have sexual intercourse within the first week of meeting a partner.

    4. Underweight and normal-weight women are more likely to report romantic experience.

    5. Overweight women report approximately 10% more partners than normal-weight women whereas obese women report approximately 10% fewer partners.

    6. For women the effect of being underweight on within-relationship outcomes resembles the effect of being very physically attractive.

    (For men the results were pretty much the opposite)


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  • Very pretty girls can be easy and average nice girls can make a guy wait.


What Guys Said 2

  • Being social doesn't mean she's "easy". You're letting pretty girls with terrible personalities off the hook there.

    • Setting right away and sex on our first encounter... Like I said average looking but very easy

    • You should write your dissertation on this.

  • just answer this question:

    there is a mediocre looking girl. she´s horny and tries to have sex with you

    next to her is a pretty girl that doesn´t seem to give a shit about you.

    what do you do?