Has anyone felt attracted to someone and you go on a date and then realize that once you see that person you don't feel happy and good?

So I have been on 2 dates with a guy who I feel attracted to but when I am with him I don't feel like myself I feel like I need to please him so he won't feel bored and even like that he is still bored and don't know what to tell me and I also have like a bad feeling like I don't feel good of being with him am I the only one who feels like that with someone you like? He started talking to me and eventually I accepted going on a date with him but he seems to not know what to tell me i eventually ask him more questions and it seems to bother him? What should I do and am I the only one this happens to?


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  • It sounds like he has some insecurities and shyness that are bringing out your own insecurities. Yes, this has happened to me and it's usually an indicator that you're not compatible. I went on a few dates with a really sweet guy, and no matter how much I wanted it to be there, (and him too since he kept asking me out), it just wasn't there. I didn't feel an easy connection or conversation with him, and that's very important to me.

    If you don't feel good around somebody, listen to your instincts. Don't keep dating him just because you're attracted.

    • that is exactly what I thought that we were not compatible and I will definitely start listening to my instincts thanks for your answer

    • Of course!

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  • I do too.

    Maybe he's nervous?

    But this is where ppls energy, personality and inner beauty comes in.

  • keep your options open...


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  • If he'd not be insterested in you he'd not ask you out for a date but it's possible that he does not know whatvyo say? when texting does he ask you questions? remember that you might liked him through texting but it's all about the comnection and fedling yoi have when you meet him so if there's no attraction and you feel like working to hard just stop it.

    • when we text most of the time he just asks what are you doing and when we are together he just wants to hug me but doesn't say a lot

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    • how can I tell if he is interested just in sex? I'm not experienced in that?

    • If he just hugs you that's cute but if he starts kinda get too touchy slowly moves his hand rubbing your tummy... touching your chest... and eventually he'll maybe invite you to his home or let you know in some way he wants more !