If a girl liked you at one point, but she lost interest how would she most likely react to you kissing her now?

i know she's big on kissing. she liked me at one point, but i friendzoned her, so she friendzoned me right back. then we got into a big fight and refused to talk to each other for two months. we are slowly being civil with each other again. during all this time i did realize i really do really like her, and i want to make that move (when and if i get an opportunity) but i feel like since we are not even really friends or anything right now not sure how she would react to me kissing her. do you think its okay to try? i don't want to make her mad. how do you think she'd react?


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  • She'd react confused for sure since you obviously friend zoned her but I think you should give it a try and see what happens

    • she knows i like her now, i don't think she'll be that surprised. but i'll defiantly try, thanks!

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    • Not creepy I'm sure everything will work out for you guys

    • okay thanks! we are kinda talking again like at least we are civil w/ each other. also, it almost seemed like she was flirting with me last time i seen her... but we'll see

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  • She'd be pissed off probably. haha

    • haha, why you say that?