Should I ask her out or leave it up to her?

I basically need advice on wether I should ask her out again or if I should leave it up to her further our relations?

Long story short.. I have known this girl for 3 years. Last August she messaged me saying she liked me and wanted to see me. We went on a couple of casual dates and basically ended up in a friends with benefits relationship. This ended at the start of November when I stupidly told her whilst drunk that I had strong feelings for her and wanted more than FWBs. But she said at the time she was not over her ex and wasn't ready for a full on relationship.

Since then we have stopped talking everyday and now we only speak every couple of weeks. But in that time she has sent me a few messages/snapchats that make me feel like she wants to see me again.

The latest was last week when she messaged me out the blue after nearly a month of not speaking, she seemed very open and interested towards me. It felt to me that she may be over her ex and "could" be intersted in a relationship, but i'm not sure... The following day she also sent me a drunk snap in the early hours.

I am over her and no longer infatuated by her and have seen a couple of girls since but I know deep down that I do like this girl a lot and for some reason she does feel like the one as no one makes me as happy as her.

Do you think I should ask her if she would like to date again, or should I stay close and let her initate anything further?


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  • Ask her.


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