What is the best approach to hook up with my ex?

Okay after a month or two of silence after our breakup, my ex drunk texted me to tell me he was thinking about me. I was asleep so I never responded but one week later, I told him that he should come over sometime. He said he thought it would be awkward and asked if I was still with this guy I was seeing, to which I said no. One week after that, we snapchatted a little bit about nothing in particular. And one week after that, we snapchatted again. We were drunk during each of these exchanges but the last time we talked on snapchat, he snapchatted me the next day when he was sober for awhile too.

Anyway, I really want him to come over and hang out and hopefully hook up, but I have no idea if he has any interest in me or not. The fact that he responded the past few times I talked to him gives me a little hope, but we both have been very reserved. I'm not sure what the next step should be.
Should I wait for him to be the one to contact me next? (he initiated contact the first time, I initiated it the next 3 times). Or should I be more direct to actually make things happen and invite him over or ask if he wants to hook up?

I'm not sure which one would be more successful. He always told me, before we started dating, that he is very oblivious and can't take hints, so that's why I feel like I should be more direct. But I kind of want him to show interest in me at first. All I have is one drunk text from him 3 weeks ago.

Also, please don't tell me this isn't a good idea. I already decided I want to do it despite whether it's a good idea or not.


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  • The main problem I see here, which is occurring repeatedly is that y'all are drunk. Are y'all even communicating while sober?

    • Out of all the times we talked, we were both sober once. We snap chatted once the night before when we were drunk, but continued to talk the next day when we were both sober.

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    • For now, I just want to sleep with him. But if something else comes from that, I'm not opposed to it. But I want to just start out with hooking up.

    • Okay. If you're all right just with sleeping with him, then you really shouldn't have any issues with him. Just be cautious with your heart though. I wouldn't get too anxious about anything else. Y'all are exes to begin with, so if sex is all you want, you'll be in the running. I'm sure just being yourself and inviting, things will go I'm the direction you're wanting. Watch. Movie on the couch or something.

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  • This isn't a good idea. You're fucking up


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