Guys, Is it okay that he doesn't reply to me when he treats me really well?

Guy I'm seeing (for 1year) stayed at my house last night. He messaged me asking how my day was going, I replied then he didn't reply.
(told him about my day and then asked how his was)

he's not a fan of texting and when we are together he treats me well, so is it okay that he doesn't always reply? I replied while he was still working but yet he didn't reply after he finished either

  • Yeah that's fine, texting is stupid behaviours what counts
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  • Just as long he treats you well and gives you attention in person then things should be good. The texting thing doesn't always have to be perfect.

    • He certainly does :) at least he messaged me I guess? He'll probably reply today at some point it's just like one day later

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    • Your very welcome. :) I am glad he responded back to you. :)

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • Texting is a god awful invention.

    • I know right! I can't help but analyse it when he doesn't reply.. He sent me a snapchat but didn't reply to me whyy haha hopeless

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