I want to know: is this flirty or not? Help please?

I want to know: is this flirty or not? Help please....?
Be honest, is it flirty? Basically he posted a video of a cool drummer and tagged her in it... and that was their conversation.

so, yeah, flirty or not can someone explain here?

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  • It's just friend-flirting. My best guy friend would say this kind of stuff to me and he absolutely doesn't like me more than a friend. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Are you absolutely sure, yeah? How do you know for sure?

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    • He's just added her on Facebook though, then tagged her in that video. Then she came away with that kinda statement. I guess it just made me wonder!

    • Well, I've based my opinion off of the texts in the image in you included in your question, so yeah.. but if you have additional texts and things maybe my opinion will change. But I still think it's just friendly. My guy friend has tagged me in things as well, so I just can't feel comfortable saying that he is trying to romatically flirt with her.

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