Things to talk about with her?

Well, I have a crush in a girl, and I'm pretty sure that she has a crush on me aswell, due to signals and how she acts when I'm close. She is so shy, and usually I'm the one that starts talking. It's okay, she will be more confident with me in the future and then she is going to start the conversations, etc... But, since then, how can I keep a conversation with her? I mean, she talks no problem with me, but the problem is that we have a lot of uncomfortable silences, because we are both so shy and we block when we are close to each other. Any tip to be able to keep a long conversation with her? So we start to go more and more seriously, I have planed to tell her as soon as possible if she wants to go to the cinema or something like that, and I don't want it to be boring.


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  • If you go to the cinema you will definitely have something to talk about afterwards. It's a safe plan.

  • Talk about what your homie jokes make her laugh. Talk about yourself then ask her its something


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