How/Why do guys pine over one girl and ask out another?

Ultimatly why is this the case he expresses his desire for one, yet his actions don't seem to match when he ends up with another (for which he feels less for)?


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  • I'm in a similar situation right now, deciding if I should lay everything on the line for this girl, or explore other opportunities before knowing her answer.

    The reason why is because we are incredibly close, yet separated by glass that neither of us are daring enough to shatter. We knock on the doorstep of sex and intimacy then run and hide behind the neighbor's bush. We make strong implications made stronger by reinforcing body language. But we started as friends. Maybe she feels I'm just a friend after everything that's happened between us.

    Knowing she might say no is scary. If she does, that would break my heart in ways it was never broken before. A new scar would come of the wound, and this friendly dynamic would change. Too much would change.

    Every other action is small in comparison to this. I feel more comfortable approaching other girls and getting rejected than I do confronting her about how she dominates my mind and has changed everything I knew about love.

    It's just stupid. Honestly, call me an imbecile and a fuckwit. That's fair game. It doesn't make sense but love doesn't make sense in reality.

    • If you/her ended up dating someone else would it bother/affect you/her?

    • It would bother me if she dated someone else of course.

      I don't know how she'd react if I actually ended up with someone else. If I knew she would suffer, I'd hold her in my arms and never leave her.

    • Just found out the truth.

      She doesn't like me. fucking devastated.

  • Guys your attraction to someone doesn't exclude you from being attracted to others.

    • More to say there's one in particular that uve been interested in but instead of asking her you go for another your not as into

    • He wouldn't go for someone he's not into.