Guys Is This Jealousy, does he seem interested still? Is this typical jealous behaviour? Guys I nee your help?

There's a guy I have feelings for, he told me he wants a serious relationship with me, he is from my past, we are longdistance, he messages me daily throughout the day, but he is insecure and doesn't open up easily, doesn't always call me darling, hasn't been very talkative. So I decided to test the waters, I have recently broken my wrist, and tomorrow have to go back to the hospital, and have the plaster and k wires taken out, the guy always asks if I have heard from the hospital, if my wrist is healed, I decided to send a message and told him I was going to the hospital tomorrow, he messaged you back you will be fine dear, I didn't know what to think, so I decided to say, well my friend says my arm doctor has the magic touch-she fancies him, he replied she fancies him!! how, I replied she thinks he's handsome, funny and intelligent. I got a reply Ok, He's a doctor there!! Oh how interesting, he must be genius, I said yes it must be cool to be a doctor, I then ended with Hmmm, anyway I better get to bed have to wake up early godnight x, and got a reply ok sleep well. I can't work out his behaviour, he doesn't know my friend, she doesn't know him either, is he interested in me still, on Saturday he messaged and said nice pic, you look very pretty, I didn't reply for a couple of days I must admit. Guys is this jealoulsy?

Confused Guys, Can you Help please!!!


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  • No. He's asking about your friend liking the doctor. Don't play games just to get attention.

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