What am I supposed to do for a girlfriend?

I know this might sound "needy", I mean I never want to give that impression off to anyone, but all of my friends have girlfriends, and they always are together, and I'm just that loner whos always shy and what not. I've been told by a lot of girls that I'm cute, and attractive, but I feel that I'm usually bad at conversation, and at which point they cut off talking, or just lose 'supposed' interest.

I've tried Tinder, and found 2 matches, both of which ended with me just trying to get to know them. Like I wasn't forcing anything, but I was asking simple questions, no double texting.. and they would just act so rude to me, so I deleted it...

Girls at my school all have boyfriends, and don't see me anymore than a friend.. even though I can be flirty. The two girls I talk to now, is one from my High School (who liked me, but has a boyfriend.. but still flirts, talks about sex with me and what not...) yes I know kind of a bad match, and the second one is a girl from my work who basically talks to everyone.

I feel like I can't really go anywhere to find girls that fit me well. Everytime I go out of my comfort zone to strike up conversation, they usually act like complete assholes, and avoid talking to me.. but then stare later. I really have no idea where to go from here...

TL:DR: I'm 19, and still in High School, never had a girlfriend, every girl I talk to uses me for attention. I have no idea where to meet someone... I've almost lost all hope.


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  • You're talking to the wrong girls. keep trying and be patient because eventually you will meet the right girl and it'll surprise you or sometimes you find the right girl when your not even looking. try focusing on yourself and you could try to meet girls too but if it doesn't feel right then don't lose hope


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