This isn't going anywhere is it?

Well lets see where do i start.. well i've been daiting this guy for a while, it is sort of a long distance relationship. he lives about 50 miles away from me and i do not have a car which makes it a bit more difficult for us to see eachother, which isn't the problem (for me).
Anyways we've been on a couple of dates, one of them beeing this past week and i'm not sure what's going on. I have social anxiety but can normally get past it but when i'm around him i shut down, i have nothing to talk about which makes it awkaward for us. And well i don't feel a connection..

anyways on the date it happend again i had nothing to talk about at dinner and when i did he somehow changed the subject back to him which is fine but he did it quite a bit. and later that night things got a little intimate we did some stuff but not "it", and now i can't help but feel regret. I've never done anything sexual before, hell i can barley talk to him and i did.. that. and now i realize that this relationship is going no where..

I already knew that before hand, I knew it wouldn't last forever but now i did something, that last week i would have never even thought of, with someone who will probably not even remeber my name within the next year. AND i like him a lot yet at the same time i feel NO connection. I don't want just a physicall relationship i want to be able to talk to the damn guy.

What should i do if anything, i'm scared to talk to him about it but probably will next time i see him.
i think maybe i should break up with him, but at the same time i want to be in the relationship and i just did something sexual with him and breaking up with him may give off the impression that that was all i wanted.. which it's not.

I don't know maybe i'm over analyzing, or just shooken up. Any advice at all will be greatly appriciated! Thank you!


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  • I think you should break up with him since you have no connection with him and you don't really like him

    • Yeah may have to turn to that...

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