Girlfriend was face timing her ex?

I found out my girlfriend of 2 months had facetimed her ex then blocked his number so it wouldn't look suspicious.

her and her ex dated 3 years we got together 2 weeks after their break up, but she's be with me all the time.

but when she's not with me somehow she text her ex or calls him.

This is like the 8th time she's came in contact with him. All 8 times she's reached out to him. 3 times by calling 5 times by texting.

She swears she loves me and k believe her I don't know why she does this though.


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  • What do the texts say?

    • Last week they was texting she was saying sorry for everything. She said he would always have a spot in her heart, called him best friend, my love.

    • Sounds like it's just a bit of final closure. I think you are fine.

    • But yesturday she face timed him and ask to talk to him, then blocked his number and deleted the text. (I pay her bill so I know everything)

  • She still has feelings for him, otherwise she wouldn't keep it a secret.


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  • If she was trying to keep it a secret for you, this doesn't sound good...

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