Why do I have such an unusual type?

most girls around me like guys who are football players, have all these new haircuts and manbuns, wear things like flannels or really dress up like european style and whatnot with their dress shoes, and most people would picture me, a caucasian light featured girl with a nice body (love working out) to be with a guy like that, but no. those guys turn me offff. but ironically, you know what does turn me on? middle aged mexican men! they dont even have to be thatt in shape, but when i see a built, about 30 year old, mexican man (especially with tattoos) i go insaaane! and if he's wearing a white tee, i just lose it! aha i dont understand whyy. i mean i did grow up around black and mexican people and i used to only like black guys, and i understand liking mexican guys, but all of a sudden i want them older too and like i said i love working out, but i dont care if he's all that in shape. im just so physically attracted


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  • It's probably because you grew up around those guys


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  • Dumpster skanks like you always describe yourself as super models in these questions lol
    What a crock

    • wtf? hahaha are you bitter because you can't get a decent looking female? im far from "super model" im only 5'3, have a small waist but wide hips and a big butt. and i do have attractive features like long hair and color changing eyes, but im nowhere near a super model. just a pretty girl with a different taste in men.

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    • You first, Loser.

    • okay? i already have a life.

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  • Because you're trying to get back at your dad for not getting you a pony when you were little?
    Lmao jk jk

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