I love a girl and she loves me to but won't take our love seriously?

So I am in love with this girl. She said she loves me to. But here's the thing, I want to date her and spend ever minute I possibly can talking and being with her but she has something else in mind. She tells me that she still loves me but it is just 8th grade and she wants to have fun dating guys just for the heck of it but she will date me later. But I really don't like any one else. I love her and only her. While she is off dating 30 other guys I am still here waiting for her to end her fun with random boys to kiss. Should I talk to her about it? Give up? Any advice would help thanks.


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  • So this is the position I'm in now. It's true that you are in 8th grade and it's good to date multiple people, but if you want a dedicated relationship now then she doesn't sound like the kind of girl that you want to be trying to have that relationsship with. I'd say move on for now and see if she comes back or even if you can find someone better who will give you the love you deserve and desire. Good luck!


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