A Break? A Break Up? Wait What?

Hey, thank you to all who's going to answer this question. So, my boyfriend and I has gotten into a fight on Monday and yesterday he said he wanted to take a break and break up at the same time. What does he mean? Then today, he answered one of my calls cause I needed cooking advice and he was the only one to help me and he told me "Leave me alone FOR NOW." For now? Wait what? I'm confused. Honestly, I'm confused right now because at the beginning of our relationship he told me he blocks his exes on social media and wouldn't talk to them after a break up. Comparing that to right now, he didn't block me and why would he answer my call instead of ignore it and not to mention the 'For Now'? Is this a sign he needs a break from our relationship or he wants to break up completely? I don't know if he wants a break up because first he says he wants to then he said let's take a break then it comes to a 'For Now'? Well dang, any opinions? Thanks. :)

Also, he's been stressing a lot lately with work and family and things are running into his mind a lot...


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  • Break up with him and don't contact him ever again. He's an asshole.