Did I do good to myself when I thought of breaking up with him?

We've been dating for a few months. He's a good guy overall, not a player.

But I srarted feeling bored in our relationship. It's both of us responsible, but I noticed lately all he wants to do is come to my apartment and stay on the couch with me... I told him am bored and he said I should not worry.

Now I told him let's go out tomorrow. He didn't say yes sure or no he's busy. The day comes and am doing other plans-he texts saying we go out. I told him you didn't say anything.

The other day I tried to make plans with him but he still not sure-even if it's day off. He later posted on his socisl media account that he is going to an event. I think this is childish.

I am not trying to cage him but I don't like this anymore.

I really was thinki g of breaking up but I did not want to hurt his feelings. I know he likes me a lot.

Was I right?7


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  • If you like this guy, but just find that you two are bored when together, maybe you need to try some new things?

    Try talking to him about how you are bored. Maybe you two could try to go to a new event together? Perhaps try a new activity, go on a trip, do something to make the relationship more interesting.


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