"why do we keep doing this?" ex girlfriend keeps asking me?

i'm trying to get back together with her and we've been talking for 2 weeks, but she's away and will be back soon. i've told her i wanna get back together and so far things look good but she demands to know "why do we keep doing this?".

truthfully, i've let her down a couple times before. i've known her 2 years almost and haven't ever said i love you to her. so how do i answer her question?


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  • Keep doing what? Breaking up and getting back together?

    • yeah..

    • You've been putting her through some serious gyrations by giving her hope and then leaving her heartbroken through dating and breaking up over and over again. If you care about her at all, you need to be positively sure about things this time. You should be counting your lucky stars if she agrees to get back together with you, because for a lot of girls, one breakup is enough to rattle their trust in the person and convince them never to try again with them. You need to explain why you've been breaking up with her all these times. And then, you need to convince her that these things that have caused you to break up with her in the past are no longer a problem and that you two will be a solid couple now. As for never saying "I love you," that's hurt her; you should explain why you've held off on because she might think it's because you don't really love her and have just been playing with her emotions.

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