Please tell me your opinion on my "dating" situation?

hello. Me and this guy are in mid 20s.
We have been friends and talking on and off for a while. We are finally both single and been hanging out and texting very often. He kisses me cuddles all that. When I don't answer his text he will text me again. On some rare occasions though he will not respond to my texts and ignore me. The other night I texted him and said "if you don't see this going anywhere then I don't want to continue talking. I don't want to waste anymore of my time, so let me know" and no response. Do I just move on?



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  • That's a conversation to have in person not over text. If I received that text message I would move on regardless as even if I really like you, the text to me reads, I'm not actually that into you so are we a thing or not I need to know. Which isn't what I would want in a partner.

    Actually talk to him and see where you guys are at. Serious conversations need to happen in person so you can talk about things. But be warned, you may have been the one to put him off, not necessarily the other way around.

    • Wow. Thank you for the insight. I never thought of it like that.. But this has been going on for years. So at this point I just asked lol

    • Then maybe he doesn't have an interest in long term relationship but a friendship. But you cannot know without talking to him in person. Sitting down and having difficult conversations sucks but it is often the best way to handle something. That is how I am still friends with my ex's. We decided we were best as friends and still are.

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