Should I have the exclusive talk? I'm not sure what to do at this point.. Advice?

I started seeing this guy we met on a dating site. We live an hour and a half apart, so we only get to see each other once a week due to our schedules. We text all day, every day. When we do see each other we spend the night in order to get more time together. We have been doing this for a little over a month now.

This is where I'm a but unsure where we stand though. After our first date he asked me if I would be exclusive. I prefer to focus on one guy so I agreed. He asked if I was talking to anyone else I said that I wasn't and asked him he said he wasn't either. We both stopped logging into our dating profiles but they were left up. About little over a week ago I was curious if he still wasn't going on, I checked and he hadn't logged on since then. For some reason the next day I felt like I should look and he'd been on. For the last week and a half I've randomly checked and he goes on every couple days. I don't think he's actually going out with anyone else since he talks to me so much that it doesn't make sense that he'd even have the time unless he texted me all through it. I do have concerns he's looking elsewhere.

He's really sweet and caring towards me and tells me he misses me but then he goes on there and I just don't know where we stand anymore.

I feel like we need to rehave the exclusive talk but actually define things better this time I'm not sure we have the same understanding of fun what it is for each of us. I also am debating if I should ask him to close the account. What do you think?

We are having sex at this point also.


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  • its possible he's getting on to see if you're getting on and you guys are making a cycle.

    • I made a fake account to use to look so that I could be sure that wasn't the case..

    • hmm makes sense you should probably talk to him again about the exclusive stuff. dont mention the fake account and seeing if he was getting online though

    • Ya I wasn't going to, I know it sounds bad.. But I find with online dating it's very common people continue dating around is why I felt the need.

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