What do I do about this?

My friend's name is Jesse, and Jesse and I became close. We lost contact for a little bit, and we came back. Jesse had a girlfriend, and her name was Lauren. Jesse and I met over Instagram! I planned to meet Jesse, but he was always busy. Finally, Jesse and I met in person. His girlfriend cheated on him, but he looked so happy to see me ! I was a nervous wreck. I was laughing and laughing. I told him how I turned 18 and was begging for a nose ring. We started guessing each other's birthday. Then I hear Jesse say "If you don't guess the day of my birthday, I'll get those kisses." I went "What?" and he went "What!" I started laughing.. Again, nervous as heck! Then we started talking more and more. He was begging for a kiss. I kissed him. Then he mentioned how beautiful I was. Also, he was telling me how good of a kisser I was. He begged for more pecks, but I just said No. We talked about reality.
Then after a long time, we decided to cuddle. We just CUDDLED. Hands didn't go anywhere, and I was falling asleep on him because I was tired. He was telling me how cute I looked. I did little chuckles, and he was dying in cuteness.
Jesse and I went to hang out again. We cuddled in his bed, and we watched 50 First Dates. We talked and cuddled and talked. He tickled me a few times, I laughed. While watching the movie, my favorite scene came up where Adam plays Lucy the guitar "Forgetful Lucy." Jesse was like "I'll play you that song." Of course, I died in cuteness since he plays the guitar! Jesse brought up another guy that hurt me since he used me for sex. Jesse was a bit pissed off about Samir (the guy that I was close to.) Jesse then switches position with me where I'm watching the TV, and watches me watch TV. Basically, he was staring at me. I looked at him, and laughed. He started laughing with me because I was being cute.

JESSE is talking to his EX girlfriend that CHEATED. He's confused, and he says that he did NOT have feelings for me. I


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  • my only suggestion is move on. he isn't over the ex yet and its going to only end badly for you if you dont get out of it.

  • He's not ready for you yet as he isn't over his girlffriend so just move on and forget him


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