Is sharing insecurities with a girl in a non-needy way, a good idea?

Is sharing insecurities (for e. g. caring about other people's perception of you) a good idea?


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  • Yeah I think so. I think girls appreciate it because it shows that you're not afraid of admitting those things and makes you seem like more of an honest guy. I think it's rare for a girl to think less of you for doing it unless you were just being really pathetic about it haha.

    • I shared some insecurities with a girl and she seemed completely turned off... a couple of days later we are not even talking now

    • How much did you say and in what way? Maybe the specific thing you mentioned turned her off, not the fact that you said it.

    • Well I don't remember exactly, but I did say that I want to change an expect of mine...
      I meant to say that I don't like my name and would like to change it to shorter version which is my nickname. She perceived me as a person who is willing to change for others' perception and hence insecure

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  • Yes, it helps her to get to know you more as a person. The more someone open up to me then the closer i become to them. The bond becomes stronger. Knowing someone's insecurities and vulnerabilities is essential to get to know who they are as a person. We all have them.

    • Okay but the girl I've been talking to, was completely turned off by this and it seems like it killed all the attraction. We've been intimate before but now it seems like she no longer wants any kind of intimate relationship

    • How do you know that is why she was turned off though?

    • I'm guessing lol
      Cause there was a definitive change in her behaviour after that it seems

  • yes, opening up is always a good thing.

  • Oh yeah for sure as long as he's willing to hear my opinions and help change those insecurities and to look at the positives in them


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