Should I change how I look to get a girlfriend?

I've been rejected a lot in the past couple of years. I'm starting to think it's how i look is the reason why I'm getting rejected. I've been told I'm funny, and I'm a nice guy. Which doesn't bug me cause that's how I was raised. As for how I look I'm big. I'm 6ft tall and I guess husky is the word. I don't know but anyways I don't have an issue talking to girls it's just I can't get them to say yes. I've gotten a couple just when I call to set up a date I get texted back no. So should I change or no?


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  • No, they were not interested in you to begin with. They just text "no" to you to hide behind their phones. Now, just find the woman who likes talking to you, and you like talking to. Nice/funny guys don't finish last you just need to find the woman who reciprocates your feelings!

    • Everyone is special to someone! If this wasn't the case there wouldn't be 7billion people on this planet! Just find someone who likes you for you