How to accept my *member* ?

Hello , i have been drowning in sorrow about my special *member* for more than a year , never approached or tried to talk to a girl

Maybe it's true that such one will not ever please a girl like the other big sizes or maybe not , this question has been asked many many times and i have read A LOT of answers everywhere about it from men and women

but what i want now is to forget it , to forget this stupid issue alltogether , maybe i will marry or maybe not , i'm 23 years and virgin , i just want to focus on life and this stupid issue does not want to leave my mind , i just want to convince my mind that if i was not born with the equipment to make pleasure to women then forget about love alltogether

How to do this? anyone was like me and got out of this cycle? both replies from men & women will be welcome , sorry about long post


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  • I do not know if I will be of any help, but you know girls have insecurities too, sometimes you just have to embrace what you have and work with it. I do believe someone out there will accept you just the way you are, but seems like you have not even given yourself a chance to experience what your "member" might be able to accomplish during a sexual interaction. Remember it is all about confidence. Also foreplay is key in giving a girl a great time. If your great at that, I don't think your size will matter that much. To some girls size is important and to others it not that important. I don't think you should just forget about it because you haven't let yourself experience it yet.

    • Thanks for your time to reply , i forgot to mention in the question it is not *tiny* , it's small , like 5.5 inches at a good day , same with circumference , it has been bothering me for quite some time and everyday i get those awful thoughts about it...

      Thanks again :)

  • My boyfriend has a small dick. I still love him. Stop being insecure and realize there's more to life and to a person than their penis.

    • Thanks for replying , it always occur to me to make my future girlfriend very happy , like in every possible way , i would do anything to make her have fun and live happy , i'm pretty romantic too but this thing just makes me angry when i think about this *member*

      And my size when i read questions about it even here , got mixed answers , not the golden but many said it's "Ok" not perfect , thats what worries me...

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