Gay guys attracted to me on dating sites but where are the ladies?

So I joined a dating site a few weeks ago, put a few pictures up, interests e. t. c. But haven't received much interest from women. About a week later I decided to change what I was looking for from "just dating" and added, seeking friendships, chatting e. t. c and changed my preference from just girls to guys and girls (obviously just making friends with guys but dating with girls). Now I'm getting all these gay guys hitting on me even though it clearly says straight on my profile, giving hearts sending likes e. t. c.

My problem isn't that gay guys are hitting on me, I take that as a compliment, but nothing has changed with the ladies. Iv'e changed photo's around but I still get gay guys and practically 0 women. So I'm trying to work out what is going on here, Iv'e always heard if a gay guy finds you attractive chances are you are reasonably attractive, I don't consider myself to be a Brad Pitt but I wouldv'e thought I was attractive enough to get SOME women interested.

Any guys have this issue and any girls have any idea? by the way I don't dress flamboyantly or metro so it can't be the clothes either.


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  • They're not in the dating sites. They're out there fucking some other dude, cause they don't need no dating sites

    • Funny that because most of the friends I know are dating/fucking girls they met at dating sites.

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