What do you think of this type of guy?

He saw the really attractive, nice girl and he got way too attatched. He didn't stop staring/smiling at her whenever he could. For years, he's been obsessed by ONLY her. He can't wait for her to wake up, when she's up he can't help but "stick" around. And he doesn't stop talking about her when she's near. He gathers ALL the info he can about her with trying to not look needy or that he "cares". He cares for her. He makes any excuses to get along with her. He raises doubts he's way too clingy. And... he sees the girl only afew times a year, yet he's always the same when he sees her: trying really really hard for her.

This type of guy hasn't probably had no experiences with girls at all.

I'm sure we all witness this guy in almost every place we go. But, more importantly, if this guy gets the girl he'd mad for, will he still love or have same feels for?


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  • yes i have a feeling he will still love her but i have a feeling that there is a chance she will posibley use him as a door mat because if she was interested in him in the first place something would have happened years ago.

    • Yep, you're right actually, I guess. Because she's using him a lot even if she doesn't need it and he has nothing to do but say yes and do it eagerly, thinking he's winning her heart.

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