Girls, How to approach a Girl?

I never had any girlfriend in my life and I am quite handsome. But the thing is, I want to approach Girls, because I thought that someone will appraoch me. But that was only my misconception since Girls don't approach Guys or whatever. So please give me best ideas how to approach a girl so that she may not slap me. for your information I never got a slap from any girl, no apprach no slap.


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  • Talk to them, smile at them, act like you care about what they are saying, make eye contact.

    • Seems easy :)

    • have you tried flirting in the past? Its a good start.

    • no ,

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  • 1. When you approach a girl she should be alone. It will be less awkward for both of you.
    2. Smile, say hi and start with something casual, be very friendly, and keep eye contact.
    (See if she reciprocates than continue with 3. If she doesn't than move on).
    3. Say that you'd really like to get to know her because she seems a very interesting person.
    If she agrees than suggest to have a coffee together or something, NOT a dinner and a movie!
    4. Ask for her number after the first "hangout" and not the first time you talk to her coz a lot of girls don't feel comfortable giving their number to complete strangers.
    Basically that and remember not to stress over it if nothing comes out with one girl, there are plenty of others😉

    • Nice advice :) by the way what to do if I do want to approach a girl who works in a same place? And is it wise to ask her about her bf? I mean can I?

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    • great :)

  • Well the best conversation starter is "hey" and talk about something you both have in common, for example if you're at a fair, ask what rides she's been on, what she'd like to eat etc, ask questions and read her body language and see how she responds. That's how you find out if she's interested or not, is she facing you? Is she giving one word replies or full convos, is she asking you questions and if she's smiling or playing with her hair. It all begins with a simple hello!