What do I do if the guy i'm dating ditches our plans?

I am dating this guy, we have been dating for almost 4 months and we usually never fight. Last night we got in an argument because he hung out with an old friend who is a girl. Anyways we had plans to hang out on Friday night because he can't hang on Saturday. Well, after our fight he said he is gonna hang with his friends instead tonight and will just see me on Sunday. It makes me feel so shitty that he does that.. but is it normal for guys to need more time apart? He isn't my boyfriend, we are just dating exclusively. Is that normal?


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  • I know a few girls that when casually dating have a 3 strike rule. The guys are allowed to cancel twice but on the third time they get dumped. Obviously if he gets run over or his dad dies or whatever then this won't count.


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