Need some girl advice hahaa I'm. lame?

I usually wouldn't do this but Id rather direct this question towards this page because of various reasons. So there is this female I really like and I told her of course and she said she likes me as well. This girl and I however used to talk in High school but shit happened. After I got into psychedelics this summer I wanted to get back in touch with people special to me and she was def one of them. So we started talking again as friends, it had been like three years since we talked. I've known this girl since 2010 by the way. We finally went on a date to chili's and after that is when I decided I would tell her, because seeing someone in person is way different than texting. This girl and I have been texting pretty consistently and she lets me call her. So I just want to know what can of situation I am or to just give up? I'm an aqaurius and she is a Libra for those who believe in astrology. Thanks for reading my nonsense, your advice would be greatly appreciated. I just don't like to burden people with my problems.


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  • This site is actually made to "burden people with your problems"😜
    I would suggest to tell how you feel and offer to start dating. It seems like she is waiting for you. Anyways you won't regret later not trying at all.

    • She claims to be to busy for a relationship though, that is where I am stuck at. I understand , we are both full time college students. I just get super stuck in my mind haha. But like 90% of the time she always replies and we have good convos. And we had a date set up but she had to cancel due to her hw being due via a computer. She rescheduled it. However, the 2nd time we were going to go on a date, someone in her family passed away. I was like damn the universe is teaching me patience or something.

    • Like a week ago she posted some Gwen stafani song called make me like you , not sure if that was to me. I try not to read into things or signs, but you know how shit goes haha.

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