How do I know that my crush is into me?

When I first met him at work he could not stop checking me out. he's a shy, sweet and awkward. Im shy, sweet and awkward too which made me like him all the lot more. 6 months later I finally found the courage to ask him out on fb. He said yes! Although, when I tried to set up a place and time he didn't really respond much; wouldn't answer my questions or tried to contribute to the convo. He message me the next day askin if we can reschedule our date to next week w/o specifying the day. I said okay and we haven't spoken since (4 days). I hav a minor bac injury so I haven't been at work for a week and a half. I was hoping he wouldve message me askin me how i was doin or something, but he hasn't. I don't know wats goin on here. Does he not like me? Is he playing games with me? I'm just soo confused and need some advice. please and thanks u!


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