I'm recently single again after a long time and have forgotten how this works, help! Is he interested?

I can't tell if my co-worker is just being friendly or if he's interested. We have a playful relationship with lots of teasing and inside jokes. He usually smiles his big genuine grin when he sees me after a particularly funny or teasing email. When he isn't smiling he always raises his eyebrows when he sees me. We make great eye contact when we talk and I've seen his eyes drift to my mouth when he's talking. Last week I was laughing with another co-worker and caught him watching me when I looked away. We go out to lunch and have been out for drinks but always in a group. He's complemented both my hair/outfits in the past and when he brings in donuts always gets my favorite and makes sure no one else steals it (silly fact I know but I apprecitate my fav donut always being there!) He is also checks in on the progress of my split -when my ex and I selling our house, moving, etc.

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  • He does everything i would do if I really liked her. I'd slowly butter her up like that.


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