If you ask someone out, and they ask you what you want, do you have to answer? I mean technically you made a move by asking out , right?

so if they want answers they shold provide one first--fair is fair?

im not trying to play games, its just super hard for me to admit to myself i like someone. so asking out is a BIG deal. once I've done it id like to just sit back and be proud-relieved- i did it. not be interrogated... anyhow waht am i supposed to want. isn't the idea you hang out and see how it goes? honestly, her confusion is confsing.

so it counts that i asked her out , right? even if she didn't think it was good enough.

i mean i set out to aks her out and i did , i can say i made my move right? or is this one of those time where i can be right but alone, or have some humility and patience and talk it out?

am i being reasonable or stubborn?

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