How dumb is it that a guy made up a rumor to get me fired just cause he was fired?

I was barely dating him we would meet for a drink after work. But he was very weird about kiss and touch. Almost asexual. I thought he was a gentleman but I had to ask him for alias on the cheek when he walked me to my car like he was weird about that and this was even after a couple long nights of chatting non stop having fun connecting. Then he got fired and he tells me to get his belongings. He said I took inappropriate photos with his stuffed monkey!!! And I got fired. I mean that is little kid stuff like saying "mommy he farted on my pillow!" I absolutely did not but he was still very influential because he built our database and wanted to make legal problems for the company so without showing evidence because it never happened he says he deleted them cause they were so offensive!!! To make clear I absolutely did NOT but let's say I buried the monkey in my cleavage and took a photo to cheer him up lighten his mood would you seriously try to fire someone over that!! How weird is this guy. I assume he is an adult. I did it do anything like that and the company knows it is hearsay but due to the fact that it is part of his larger case against the company letting him go it was a matter of giving in. My employer kept this a secret from me but my coworkers are in positions of power and they have my back they swore they would find the answer cause everyone knew it was BS I was getting promised a high level corporate job which would have locked me in. But monkey boy fucked it up.


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  • That's horrible. So childish. I'm sorry :(


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