Can you tame a wild, one night stand kind of guy? Any tips? Am I succeeding so far?

Okayyy so this dude has never been in a relationship ever (he's 21 as am I) and he has one night stands every few weeks or months and has never seen a girl more than once.

we met New Years, we have met a few times for sex. Initiated by both parties. He is a super busy dude with athletic events. But honestly, he isn't a "bad boy"... He's a total softy. He said he just never tried to like a girl "like that." I told him if we were to continue to do what we are doing then he can't meet with any other girl, he promised. We are going to meet this week again. I don't know if it means anything or helps my cause, but I am academically strong and smart life-wise (except for dudes.. No experience, so if I'm being a fool, tell me). And I have been told I am gorgeous and should model.. I have guys asking me out left and right. I really just want to invest in this guy though.. For reasons unknown to me. Would it be a waste?
Also, I thought he had broken his promise and called him out on it and said goodbye, and he kept messaging me that i had it wrong, he's telling the truth, pleading to just trust him...
I found out there actually is a high chance I was given wrong information. Is he playin me? I'm super introverted and my social skills aren't the best... I feel like I don't have much experience in this so please help.


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  • You can't "tame" him. He either wants a relationship with you or he doesn't.

    There would have to be a reason for him to change. There would have to be something that changed internally so that he is now, for the first time, in a place where he wants a relationship AND he would have to see you as being different from the type of girls he only wanted to have sex with.

    • Well I am different. Which I think is apparent in his need to keep coming back to me

    • If you say so

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  • He said he just never tried to like a girl "like that."


    'tried to like a girl'? I don't know, in my part of the world, liking/loving someone is something you can't control.
    This isn't much information, especially since we don't really know the guy, and what's in here is not enough.
    I still think it's possible he's lying, and well, it's possible that he's not. Whichever the case is, I will not recommend playing games. I still strongly believe that romantic feelings develop over genuine connection and other factors one can not influence much.
    So, at the risk of being boring and deemed as unhelpful, be your best possible self, don;t be clingy and if it's supposed to happen (meaning: if you truly are compatible and have chemistry) it will happen. It's not like he'll be able to behave like a 15-year old forever (cause that's his emotional maturity right now).

    Good luck with everything! :)


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  • Nope you can't, he needs to want it

    • He will, give me til June and I'll have him

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  • It's quite possible he is lying. It's not hard for people to spin the truth and make it seem reasonable and innocent.

    Truth is, what do you really want? Do you want to just hook up with this guy or are you wanting a relationship?

    In dating there is no 'taming' anyone. A guy is only going to stick with you if he wants to. There is no way you can force him to stay. He has to want to be in a relationship with you for it to happen.

    The reason he wanted to talk to you after you threatened to leave was because he saw that you were making yourself unavailable to him. All of a sudden when something seems less available, there is more demand for it.

    But I feel like he could easily break his promise to you and start seeing other people. I would personally be very careful around this guy.

    He may not be a bad guy. In fact sleeping around does not make a person bad. But he may not be the best match for you if you are looking for a relationship.

    • Thank you, I am glad you pointed out that just because someone sleeps around that doesn't make them bad. I think it's just differing wants... Which at our age change all the time. I thought if I showed him something he never had he would also desire it.

  • No. You cannot win a man's heart with your pussy. Point blank. Pussy is the most replaceable thing in the world. Especially this day and age with easy, promiscuous females left and right eager to show men how "sexually liberated" they are. Making a 24 hour sexual ATM out of your vagina is not the key to a promiscuous man's heart. It's just you willingly choosing to be a pawn in his sleazy game.

    He is only 21 years old, he likes to party, and he's attractive enough to get various females to sleep with him and hand over pussy at his beck and call even knowing he has a reputation for using girls. -_- Do you honestly believe he's going to change those habits in under two months over a girl he simply has met a few times for sex? Guys like this do not change until their late 20's if ever. Trust me, I'm related to guys like this. I have watched your story play out tons of times. Never ends well for a girl like you.

    • Watch meeee

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    • What's the point in me even telling you? You're sitting up there lying to yourself going from post to post deluding yourself with confidence about how you can change some guy who's known you for less than two months. -_- Don't get an attitude then ask for my inside insight.

    • This is honestly one of the worst answers I have ever gotten.