Am I overreacting?

Yesterday i had really bad food poisoning. I was meant to visit my boyfriend but was not i the position to drive.. So instead i stayed home as sick as ever. In that time he told me he was going out. I didn't hear of him once. I sent him a message saying please call me when you have time. He read it and didn't reply. I am so upset because whenever he is sick or unhappy i am the first person to call or visit him with a sweet gesture to make him feel better. I called him and asked him why he never called. He said he is busy cleaning up he'll call later. I told hom exactly how i feel. About how i always place him as my number one priority and right now he couldnt care less. Today he is upset with me for the way i reacted. am i overreacting?


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  • Perhaps he intended to reply after seeing your message but somehow forgot at the moment? Things could happen. If this is a one time occurrence then don't jump to conclusions.

    • Thats just the thing. It happens all the time

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