Why can't I stop thinking about this girl?

Ok this girl has been my crush for a long time and I've always liked her but like now high school is over and we hung out and it seemed like we were flirting back and forth between us. I live out of state so I'm not like damn I wish I was with her thing I do wish we was together but I live 3 hours away going to school and I'm a realist about things but like since I'm not totally sure how she thinks about me and she's actually the only girl I've actually always really liked not just about sexual attraction but because I met her 6th grade I actually care about her so now I find myself if I watch a movie and it's a couple in the movie imagine us being a couple like I can't get it out of my mind for nothing I Was at my basketball game because I'm a student assistant because I want to coach when I'm done and even during my games I Have her running through my mind when I see her next week maybe if I just tell her everything how I feel or be more specific about it than I won't think about her as much..


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  • flirt with her! start teasing her.. not friendly but not agressively too.. show her interest and you will see how it goes..
    you are SO into her!


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