Does anyone else find this hilarious?

I will never get a chance to find a girlfriend or be in a relationship because apparently due to the fact I'm mixed white/black I'm undateable, my proof is i have at least 5 different profiles on various dating sites and i get no responses, now most would say your just messaging the attractive women aren't you well that's not the case I'm messaging any women that i think is interesting and that i would click with regardless of looks


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  • I find mixed race people are usually really attractive. I am white by the way. Yes there are some racist people out there but not everyone is and certainly your future girl will not be - and she is out there, you just have to keep looking. In the meantime just work on being the best man you can be by doing things you enjoy and feeling good about yourself. That way you will be in a good place to love her when she does come into your life.
    I find online dating is not really a great way to meet people and I know people in your age group that have said the same. There are a lot of non-genuine people in there that just use it as an ego boost or people just wanting sex. I also find it hard to get to know people without the body language.
    Dont waste too much time when you write a the first message.
    Try other ways to meet people also - find a sport or hobby you are interested in and maybe the right girl is there.

    • I'm too shy and also i don't go out much to try anything outside of online dating, also don't know to initiate a conversation in person with a women without it turning awkward quick

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    • Its hard

    • Girls like that typically never hold conversations with me

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  • Not really hilarious just unlucky I guess try messaging mixed race girls, and is it mainly white or black girls your messaging that aren't interested.

  • Yep it's a knee slapper...

    • I know its really sad

  • i feel you bro