What am I missing here?

What am I missing here? This very hot Spanish girl I work with seems pretty crazy. She is in a long-term relationship. We work on a project together at first she was very standoffish with me. We would fight all the time. She is like this mostly with men so it seems, as she's like this with other guys. We have since grown to become friends I guess. She will instant message me during meetings and we will make fun of people. But, what she has done lots recently is call me. Kind of seemingly for random reasons, mostly work stuff we talk about, then we'll end up chatting for like almost an hour some times. It kind of seems like if she doesn't hear from me in a while she will call me and we'll talk. She has compared me to the guy from the cartoon Translvania. Says I act exactly like him and thinks it's so funny. I've mentioned stuff about lunch around lunch time and she'll say "oh I need to get something for lunch too, but not sure what I'm going to do." Last Monday she did this. She called me we talked for 30 minutes then she says ok I need to eat this lunch. THen I call her right back and we talk 15 more minutes bc I forgot to tell her something. THen she says I'm at the cafe want to come? ANd we have lunch together. So last week we talked on phone a couple times. Friday she calls me I miss her call, I call her back and I now haven't heard from her since, it's been a week. I held out all week, didn't message her or call, yesterday I sent her a funny quick email and she didn't even respond. I haven't heard from her in week. What's up with her? She's so weird. I'm like are we friends bc I can't tell what she wants?

girls help!


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  • She sounds like a flake. Wait for her to contact you, but remember... Crazy.

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