The girl I like said I'm the sweetest? Does that mean I'm solid and just need to get out of my mind?

This girl and I talk like almost everyday via text or call. It all depends and I've told her I like her and she said she likes me too. We have gone one date ams were supoose to go on another one but something happened in her fam. We are both full time college students so rushing into a full fledged relationship would probably be dumb. I've also known this girl since 2010. I need some opinions from other females. Thank you.


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  • Sounds like she really likes you and you should spend more time with each other!

    • We try, just when we set up to see a movie someone in her family passed away. But yea, I like seeing people in person not texting haha

    • Try asking her out again. Hopefully no one will pass away again🙊

    • I will, but def will givet it a little. She said she feels real horrible about not being able to see me and that she really wanted to see me. But I hate texting like I said. I like to be around the person and talk in person, that's how you really know what's good. Thanks for your replied BTW!:)

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