Should I wait for her? Does she hope that I wait for her? Or am I in the friendzone already?

I matched this girl on a dating app. We have been talking for about 2 months plus but recently she just broke up from a relationship of 3 years and is a mess currently. She says she needs time to heal and I asked her if I should hang around. I like her. This was her reply, "And like i said, dont wait for me or feel like u need to hang around. It will be good if u do but i will need a clear mind first". Does she mean she has an interest in me and hope i can wait for her? Or does she mean I shouldn't hang around?

She did mention that I am a "probably hmm why not?" romantic potential. She also said she didn't believe in friendzones.
She also did say "Thanks budden". I am so confused


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  • she probably doesn't know if she wants to be with you but she wants you to wait for her so she can figure out what she wants. But you should take control and be straight forward and tell her what you want. Confidence is key. go for it.


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  • I think she wants you to wait for her

  • She is giving you a warning not to fall for her. She likes you as friend but she has no feeling for you


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