Why do guys sometimes want to snuggle with you but then other times are completely platonic?

I have this guy friend who keeps telling me that I seem like a girl he'd like to date, however, I have a boyfriend. Every night he asks jokingly how my boyfriend is doing, and kiddingly acts disappointed when I say fine. I haven't cheated on my boyfriend persay, but we have cuddled while watching movies and stuff, and I've started to enjoy it more than I thought I would. I told my boyfriend we should see other people. but the other night, the guy acted like we were completely platonic, and laid on the floor and gave me the couch while watching a movie. What gives? Does this guy really like me or not?


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  • If he doesn't have a girlfriend and he gives you a lot of his attention, then I would think either one of a few things:

    1: he really cares about you as a friend and he could see himself dating you, but he doesn't want to see what would happen if you two were to break up - he values your friendship quite a lot.


    2: He really likes you as a friend and more, but he doesn't want to be a rebound guy.


    3: Maybe some of the usual flirting wasn't present that night and he didn't see himself as welcomed, sitting next to you?

    • Thanks so much. Those answers really could all apply....Thanks again for the insight!

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