Why do people only get upset at black and white couples?

I am in a serious interracial relationship and I have always wondered this. I am sure the responses I get from this post may hurt but I really want to know. I was in an upscale area, an island resort to be exact. My fiance and I were riding the ferry and everyone was looking at us furious. There was even a white male with a very Asian female, looking at us obviously upset.
I thought to myself, "how can you be upset if you are in an interracial relationship too". I have gotten angry looks from all types of people not just white. I just wonder why are people so angry at black white relationships but don't bat an eye at other interracial relationships such as Asian/white, Latino/white, Latino/asian, etc etc? I mean even people who are against race mixing seem to only have a problem when It involves a black person. It is kinda unfair. Why is this?

Most of you are assuming I am white lol. I am a black woman with a white male.


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  • As a black American born and raised in the USA, I can honestly tell you that there are unfortunately a sizable amount of people across all other ethnic groups have a strong dislike or hatred for black people, just for being black.

    These people will know NOTHING about me, and either 1) feel uncomfortable around me, or 2) dislike / hate me

    Rather pathetic, right?

    What's even worse is that these same people will dislike said black person's mate (as in yourself), just BECAUSE u chose a black person as a mate.

    As a black person I am used to other people feeling uneasy or feeling hatred towards me for no reason. It's part of the black experience.


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  • I guess they hate blacks.
    Ignore them just be happy.


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  • the thing is that people assume that if a white girl is with a black guy its because of his dick so the reason is always going ot be sexual therefore they find it annoying and really degrading that you got into an interacial relationship for a dick.

    Or at least thats how everyone puts it.

    • I'm I am black with a white male

  • perhaps it's where you live? I live in Canada, and I am currently dating a black woman and no one seems to care. Perhaps there is a taboo of some kind in your community?


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