Cheating dilema?

guy 1= decent looking, fancied him for ages, I have a feeling about him and he makes me so happy
guy 2= hot, funny, easy to talk to

So I am going out with guy 2 and he's more than I could have asked for. We meet up a lot, however we don't go to the same school. But in the back of my mind i still like guy 1, then midway of me dating guy 2, guy 1 asks to go out some place with me. So I go and we end up kissing. He's not as nice and as good looking as guy 2 but he just gives me this feelin every timme I think of him and i'm so happy.
What should I do.
I practically cheated :(


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  • You didn't cheat unless you had a conversation with guy 2. And you should choose the guy that wants the same thing as you do. cause if you pick a guy and he wants things you don't it will cause bumps in the road and will end badly. So be straight forward and ask both of them what they want.

  • this is the thing, you can't play with peoples feelings like that, I knowits confussing as hell but you really have to think long term, if you see youserlf with any of those guys and remember, we trnd to copy habits or ways of thinking of the people that surround us, be with person that takes out the best side of you

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