Guys, what do you say at the end of a date when you don't really want to go out with a girl again?


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  • "I'll definitely text you later" but I never do and I have a reason for that.

    I used to try to drop hints such as "I dont think I am ready for a relationship" and "I dont want you to wait for me and waste your time" but every single time the girls would just get really clingy and start to message me 24/7 like we are in a relationship.

    The thing is that dropping hints gives people hope, but saying the truth, "I think you're ugly", is just too cruel, and I cannot do that. I have found that ghosting out is the best thing for both of us. It gets the girl off my back AND she is able to move on faster thinking that I am an asshole who isn't worthy of her time.

    • The false hope is much worse.

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    • I wasn't there. I was thinking of the kind of side kiss I give friends. Not at all romantic.

    • @ OG it's true.

      Though ghosting also hurts, but it does make it easier to move on.

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  • "I will text you/call you later" and they never do.


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  • Ill be nice to her and slowly fade away.

    If I lost my respect in her , I'll still be nice so she can leave and then block her number. I did that a few times
    Because the girls were too drunk that i lost any type of respect for them to give them a response.

    • Why block her? You could text her after to tell her you don't want to see her again.

    • Well the girls I blocked were extremely rude... Making out with random people at a bar, fighting and drunk. So yes there was a reason to block them.

      If I feel a woman has an entitlement issue , I ignore her

  • Well, hopefully the girl would also feel that sparks weren't flying that night, so hopefully she wouldn't bring up meeting again or staying in contact.

    I know I would refrain as best I possibly could to even hint at meeting again. I would mention something generic, like "Yeahhh... the lazer tag was fun" (I always aim at keeping first dates as activity dates). If she were to mention going out again I would try to avoid it; trying to change the subject until she would get the idea.

    Alternatively I would smear chocolate on my forehead and let her think I had shit on my forehead ;)

    • I say whatever we did was fun too. I don't like lying about it.

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