Do you think she moved to the back because of me?

So on Friday I was walking at the hallway & I saw the girl I liked walking with her friend & I saw her looking at me but I just looked away. Then when we pass by again at the hallway I turn around to look at her but she just hide behind her friend. Then when she came to class I was looking at her & she caught me looking. But then when she went over to talk to her friend I was looking at her but then I stopped looking at her. So then later when I turn around I saw her standing at the back of the class & she was looking at me. But then later she left class early?


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  • She likes you but isn't really sure how you feel about her. She's waiting on you to approach her first because she is shy

    • So she didn't moved to the back of the class because of me. But the werid thing when I turn around I did saw her at the back & was looking at me though lol

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    • Lol she is very shy, likes you but doesn't have the courage to talk to you. She thinks by looking at you as you look at her that's enough indication for you to come talk to her. Just go up to her and try getting to know her

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