What is the Issue? Did I do something wrong is she just screwing with me?

Okay so I've posted about this on here before. So i couple of months ago i asked this girl out we went out on one date and then made plans for a second one. Now note ever since we started talking she hasn't been the best at texting someone back going days before replying. It's a little aggravating but I'm not gonna tell her that. So anyway we had plans to go out on our second date a couple of weeks ago and she canceled becasue of not knowing what time she would get out of work but did put out there that we could go the following because she would be free then. That next week comes around and she cancels again becasue she wanted to spend time with her family. The next day she told me she was just looking for friends right now becuase she want to focus on her carrer. Which of course i said i understood even though I felt like a complete loser. Then she asked after i replied if we could just be friends for now i said of cousrse. She kept texting me after that and i actually enjoy being around her so I actually would like to be her friend we text here a there through out this past week. Then the other night she texts me and invites me to this party that she originally was going to with someone but they back out so she wanted me to go with her. I said yea of course sounds like fun and asked what time it starts and that i would come pick her up. She never replied tho... I dont know what the issue is if i said something or what. Ya Know? I just feel SO aggravated by this. I mean she asked me to go to this not the other way. Am i just over thinking it? Or did i say something wrong? Could she just be F-cking with me?


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  • You are a good and patient person. She doesn't want to date you and not really be friends. Sounds like she is talking to another guy and he's not so interested in her. So when he stands her up she calls you because she knows you like her and want to date her. She's stringing you along for when this other guy does her like she's doing you you can be the last resort. Next time she ask you out don't go and proceed with your daily life. You are not a push over and don't allow her to play with your feelings.

    • Thank you. I just feel like a giant loser being treated this way. Honestly it makes me feel worthless.

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    • Thank you very much!

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  • I'll be completely honest. She's not worth your time. For real. She's just messing around. You should let it go, she's gonna miss your attention sooner or later.


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